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Powder Mills Park - Mass Start Event

  • 08 Oct 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
  • Park Rd, Pittsford, NY 14534



Powder Mills Park - East Shelter

October 8th - Noon Mass Start (Registration opens at 11:30)

Fun Mass-Start Mass-Finish Handicapped Event

Mass Start at Noon, Registration online or immediately preceding the start. Course closes at 1:30pm.

This event consists of several overlapping courses - everyone will see everyone else as they progress through the course.

It will be a mass start - but you better know what course the other person is working on or you'll head off your own course!

The courses are handicapped such that the winning time for each course should be roughly equivalent (aimed at 45min). Pick the course you would normally qualify for.

Beginner: 2.1k, 30m [If you plan to "run" because you want more challenge, you should move up to the Advanced Beginner]

Advanced Beginner: 2.4km, 65m

Intermediate / Short Advanced: 2.5km, 80m [I apologize in advance for those that would like a truly advanced short course, that just isn't possible in this park for this setup]

Middle Advanced: 3.1km, 175m

Long Advanced: 4.0 km, 210m

Beginners will have one leg of the course flagged - please just follow the streamers!-)

As indicated in the course statistics, the advanced courses make up for distance with extra climb.

As experienced orienteers will tell you - in Powder Mills Park it is very hard to find yourself more than 100m from a road, and trails criss-cross the terrain. We'll see what we can do to mix this up with extra traffic and requiring those that want to stay in front keep the pace up!

-Steve Tylock

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