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Stony Brook - Classic Event

  • 21 Oct 2023
  • 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
  • 10820 NY-36, Dansville, NY 14437


Stonybrook - Classic Event

Saturday October 21st - Starts for main courses from NOON to 1:30, Sprint Starts from 11:30 to 2, Registration opens at 11:30, Courses close at 3.

Course Setter Notes:

Archery hunting is permitted on the east side of the park where many of the controls will be located. Please respect the hunter’s right to be there.

Registration, map pick up, and finish download, for all courses is at the Clara Barton Shelter located in the North end of the park.

The start and finish for the sprint is walking distance from registration.

The start and finish for the beginner, short advanced, and long advanced courses is located at the Shawmut Shelter in the south end of the park.

You will need to drive from registration (north end) to the south end start/finish. There are toilet facilities near the Clara Barton Shelter (north end), but there are no open Toilet facilities in the south end of the park, so plan accordingly.

Here is a link to the NYS map of the park, it shows the locations of the park entrances and the location of the Clara Barton and Shawmut shelters. The north and south entrances are located off Route 36. StonyBrookTrailMap.pdf (nysparks.com)

Stony Brook State Park consists of land in and around a smaller version of a “Letchworth like” gorge. All courses, except the sprint, utilize both sides of the gorge. As a result all courses, except the sprint, cross the main creek and have a greater than normal amount of climb. Crossing of the creek is only allowed at the two bridges shown on the course maps There is one bridge at the south end and one at the north end. The advanced long utilizes both bridges, the short advanced and beginner use the south bridge only. There are numerous stone and wood stair ways on the hiking trails, both can be slippery.

The gorge, gorge trail, and some slides areas are out of bounds. These out of bounds areas are overlain with vertical black lines. There are no good route choices that utilize these out of bounds areas. There is also an out of bounds area (construction) by the registration parking area, it is surrounded by a fence and is shown overlain with purple hatching. Any competitor entering any out of bounds area will be disqualified.

Course - # of Controls/Length/Climb

Sprint ……………………...13 controls, 1.9 km, very little

Beginner (White) …………. 12 controls, 2.4 km, enough

Short Advanced (Brown) …..14 controls, 3.0 km, enough

Long Advanced (Red) …….25 controls, 5.7 km, more than enough

Don't forget to sign up to volunteer and pre-register.

See you in the woods!

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