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Harriett Hollister - Ski-O Solo-O

  • 18 Jan 2024
  • 31 Mar 2024
  • 6775 Canadice Hill Rd, Springwater, NY 14560


Markers are in the woods and courses are available! It is winter at

Harriet and the skiing was surprisingly decent today - packed granular

(where groomed) and somewhat crusty (where not groomed) makes for fast

conditions but watch out for bare/wet spots and sticks!


Beginner, intermediate, short advanced, and advanced ski-o courses. The

first control on the advanced course can be a bit of an adventure ski if

the trail hasn't been groomed, so the short advanced course provides an

alternative if that isn't your cup of tea. (Otherwise the short advanced

and advanced courses are the same.) Straight-line distances are 2.3km,

4.3km, 5.9km, and 6.7km respectively.

Controls are marked with small flat 3x3" orange and white tags. The

start and finish are also marked with the same tags. Because they are

flat, the tags can be hard to see from certain directions. I have tried

to orient them so the orange side faces the trail; sometimes the tag is

a few feet off the trail. No streamers, sorry - the park wouldn't allow

anything that could possibly be confused for course markings for other


Courses can be done any time the park is open to the public for the rest

of the winter. (There may be special events during which trails are

closed to the public.)

Maps are available through UsynligO

(https://usynligo.no/filter?category=ROC%20ski-o) - note that you do not

need to have or use the app to access maps for printing or download. The

event is listed as "ROC Harriet Hollister ski-o 2024".

O-range (https://www.o-range.no/index.php/public) is also available. The

event is listed as "ROC Harriet Hollister ski-o 2024".

Conditions at https://rxcsf.org/conditions and

https://rxcsf.org/unofficial-conditions. If you ski at Harriet

Hollister or other parks in the Rochester area, consider joining RXCSF -

your donations make the grooming happen.

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