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Webster Photo-O

Webster Photo-O...for those who can't get out to the park for the Sol-O.

As I was doing the Long Advanced course last week I took pictures of all but one control (sorry, was so excited to find it I forgot my secondary mission). The degree readings are the direction the camera was facing (no selfies this time)...however, this is subject to a +/-10 degree error. I did the course backwards and tried to get a good angle on the flag to show some of the features but didn't spend a lot of time trying different angles. Keep in mind that the angle of the camera may not reflect the direction I came from...just to make things a little more challenging.  Download the map, print it out and try to match the photos with the controls, make sure to use the clue.

Webster Long Advanced.pdf

Couple of hints:

  • Control #12 - the map does not show the large rootstock that is shown in the picture.
  • You may need to zoom in to see the flag on some.
  • One of the rootstocks is very little...don't be fooled like I was.
  • Print the map so you can see the photo and the control description at the same time.
  • The missing photo is control #20.

Need Help or have questions?  Email Linda Kohn at wornerkohn@gmail.com.

Answers posted on May 17.

19 photo(s) Updated on: 29 Apr 2020
  • E - 118 degrees
  • G - 130 Degrees
  • O - 165 Degrees
  • H - 172 Degrees
  • T - 18 Degrees
  • U - 182 Degrees
  • N - 20 Degrees
  • K - 210 Degrees
  • P- 240 Degrees
  • B - 25 Degrees
  • F - 260 Degrees
  • M - 280 Degrees
  • J - 300 Degrees
  • Q - 325 Degrees
  • R - 340 Degrees
  • L - 355 Degrees
  • A - 43 Degrees
  • C - 50 Degrees
  • D - 92 Degrees
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