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No snow at Harriet, so Sunday's ski-o is postponed to 2/21. Last night's local news said colder weather after next week, so let's hope for some snow!


Results from the Mendon Ponds Park Winterfest event are now available on the results page.


Next Sunday, January 17 is Winterfest at Mendon Ponds Park. As part of this celebration, the Rochester orienteering Club will sponsor an orienteering event starting at Hopkins Point Lodge. Since it is unlikely that we will have enough snow for ski or snowshoe, most likely we will have a Scatter-o on foot. There will be several courses, each requiring a different number of controls, to be taken in any order. There will also be a normal white course (controls in a specified order, all on trails.) Winterfest starts at 11:00, as does our registration. Starts from noon to 2:00 pm. Winterfest also offers many other attractions if you have extra time!

Use Online Registration to save time at check in and insure yourself a map.


Annual Meeting and Potluck Dinner
Sunday December 6th
Stewert Lodge, Mendon Ponds Park

1:30 - 3:00 BOD Meeting
3:00 - 4:30 Events*
4:45 - 5:15 Pot-Luck Dinner
5:15 - 5:30 Annual Meeting (All club members welcome)

Trail O is a little different from standard courses. You walk/run to a location (on a trail) and from that vantage point you must look and pick the control that is described/shown on your map. There will be 3 controls visible and as you look from left to right you pick one of the controls A, B, C or none of them as the control shown on the map and described in the control description. The course is around 3km but you can do as many or as few controls as time permits.

A twist on the usual favorite. Instead of a rectangle grid shape it will be a triangle. Challenge your spacial skills to read the map fast. There will be different levels of difficulty, so fun for the whole family!

*This is a member only event (FREE) (if you aren't a member, join when you arrive! It is only $15 for an individual and $30 for a family. You membership will be good to March 2017)

Don't forget your potluck dish to pass and bring your own utensils and dishes. The club will provide drinks. Based on your last name please bring the following type of dish so we don't end up with all desserts (although I wouldn't complain):
A-H (Appetizers), I-P (Main Courses), Q-Z (Desserts)

See you there!
The Worner/Kohn Family


Results from the Webster Park Night-O event are now available on the results page.


Next Orienteering event Night-O on Nov. 14 at Webster Park meeting at Parkview Lodge. 90 minute Score-O and a White course. Start window 6:30pm - 7:30pm. Online Registration open.

White will be 1.2k, 30m climb, 11 controls. Score-O will have "many" controls with point values 10-20-30 depending on location and difficulty.


Next event on the calendar Mendon Trail Run - Saturday, Nov 7th. Details and registration link on event webpage.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help can contact Sandra Lomker through the volunteer link on the side.


Next event Sunday Oct 18, beginning at noon Oatka Creek Park.

Training event, copies of map available. Learn from more skilled orienteers hiking/running and navigating map. Some flags could be set out in woods to mark on map and find.


Results from the Zarpentine Farms Corn Maze-O event are now available on the results page.


October Newsletter added to website.


Next event at Zarpentine Farms Corn Maze-O on Saturday October 10.
Mass starts begin at 9:30am.
Zarpentine Farms
163 Burritt Rd. Hilton, NY 14468.

Online Registration now open.

Fees for this event:
$8 for everyone (member/non-member) and additional $6 for each person in a group.

Courses for 3 difficulty levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Everyone gets same map with checkpoints marked. Each difficulty level will have to find a set number of checkpoints and finish before the 1 hour time limit. Will be using epunch.

The Market opens at 9am with food to buy donuts, pies chili etc. that is available after run. Event finishes by 10:45am and The Maize is open to the public at 11am for those that may want to try the regular corn maize.


Results from the Cobbs Hill Park event for National Orienteering Week are now available on the results page.

:Lost and Found:
-Water bottle blue tint
-Sports glasses blue lense white frame


Cobbs Hill on Saturday September 19th. Tay House Lodge. Starts are from 10:00 am to 12 noon. National Orienteering Week!

Online Registration now open.

White - 11 controls, 1.4km length, 60m climb
Yellow - 11 controls, 2.5km, 95m
Orange - 13 controls, 4.6km, 120m
Green - 21 controls, 4.9km, 160m

The trails were in good shape prior to this weekend's rain. With a dry week ahead conditions should be great for Saturday!

Reminder: You MUST stay on the trail in the Washington Grove section of the park. This area is notated on the map with a boundary box and a note to this effect. Additionally, the Monroe County Water Authority property is marked Out Of Bounds per their request (also notated on the map).


Results from the Letchworth State Park East event are now available on the results page.


Letchworth State Park event on Saturday, September 12. which will start on the East Side at the Parade Grounds, no charge for entering the park.

Starts from 11-1pm, courses closing at 3:30.

White 1.9km 70m climb
Yellow 2.5 km 80m climb
Brown 3.8km 140m climb
Green 4.4 km 150m climb
Red 5.5 km 270m climb

The woods are generally very dry due to lack of rain. Crossable marshes and ponds are dry and special attention to locate or use as navigational aids will be required. Springs are still active, making most streams easy to locate.

The West side of the park near the Glen Iris Inn should be avoided between 11:30 and 1. There is a 5k race that closes the roads from the Castile entrance to the Trout Pond. This shouldn't affect anyone unless they decide to take a scenic route through the West side of the park.


ROC had a great presence at the Lehigh Valley Festival in Mendon. There were many outdoor clubs there as well as arts and crafts, a bicycle ride, a half-marathon, and many music performances. ROC’s booth was on the sidewalk and we were very busy answering questions about orienteering as few people knew anything about the sport. We had a map adventure including controls on historical buildings as well as interesting spots on the trail, one a cow tunnel for cows to go under the railroad track. The profits from this event supported the Mendon Foundation which maintains 14 miles on the linear trail from Mendon to Rush and the Genesee River.

Volunteers included Anne Schwartz, Tom Cornell, Carol Moran, Lori Rayburn, Sheryl Zenzen, Nancy, Richard and Daniel Burgey, and Sandra Lomker.

Participants who negotiated the Map Adventure were Tabetha Besanceney, Anne Schwartz, Chester & Gregory Doskos, and the Burgey family (Nancy, Richard, & Daniel)


Results from the Mendon Ponds Park event are now available on the results page.


Next event at Mendon Ponds Park at Cavalry Lodge. Starts 12 noon to 2:00 pm.

The advanced courses are a rerun+ of the the WDOC middle event. If you have already run those come and try to beat your time or run one of the other courses. Orange and White courses also available.

Online Registration now open.

Red - 4.7 km
Green - 3.9 km
Brown - 3.6 km
Orange - 2.7 km
White - 1.8 km


ROC is hosting for the World Deaf Orienteering Championships on Aug 6-9.
Event Website:

Unofficial results will also be posted on the results page.

Other news the Rattlesnake Rogaine scheduled for Aug 29 has been canceled, possible for sometime Spring 2016. A replacement event at Mendon Ponds Sunday Aug 30 is in planning.


Results from the Highland Park event are now available on the results page.


Highland Park Orienteering Meet Saturday 7/25 10:00 AM start for White and Sprint, 11:00 AM Mass start for Score-O. There will be a 1.1 km White course, a 2.2 km Sprint course, and a 60-minute Score-O. The White and Sprint courses start any time between 10am and noon, with the courses closing at 1 pm. The Score-O will be a mass starting at 11am, with the course closing at noon. If you wish to do the sprint or the white course before the score-O, please come early so you are ready for the mass start at 11am. We will start in the parking lot just off of South Avenue, about half a block South of Highland Avenue. NOT the Vietnam Memorial Parking lot, the next parking lot south. "Look for the "O" signs.

Don’t forget to pre-register and save a buck. See “Online Registration” link to the left. Please consider volunteering. The club runs on volunteers, plus you get a free entrance fee for the day for volunteering. We still need some volunteers for a greeter, 2 more for registration, 3 more pick-up, food, and instruction. Please contact Sandra,, and meet director Nancy,


Results from the Mendon Ponds event are now available on the results page.


Next event at Mendon Ponds Park.

There will be a 1.8 km (approximate) White course, a 2.0 km (approximate) Sprint course, and a 60-minute Score-O. The White and Sprint courses start any time between noon and 2 pm, with the courses closing at 3 pm. The Score-O will be a mass start at 1:30, with the course closing at 2:30. This should give ample time for anyone who wishes to do either the White or Sprint in addition to the Score-O to complete the White or Sprint and have time to get ready for the Score-O start.

The start location is the Pond View Shelter, reached via the middle entrance to the park off of Clover Street.

Always in need of volunteers, use the link on side menu to see what positions still need to be filled. Helpful when we can get the positions all covered well before each meet. Please contact Sandra if you can help out.


Results from the Webster Park TC event are now available on the results page.


The Rochester Orienteering Club will host a mid-week TRAIL CHALLENGE on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 at Webster Park starting at the Orchard Hill shelter. Instead of marking the trail with flags or marshals, participants will be given maps of the park with checkpoints noted. They choose how to reach each of these locations after the mass start. 5 kilometer and 8 kilometer courses will be available.

The challenge starts at 6:30 P.M., with on-site registration opening at 5:30 P.M. Competitors are encouraged to arrive with enough time to register and prepare. Basic navigation instruction will be available during the registration period, and following is allowed - if you follow people that know where they are going and can keep up!

Online Registration through a link on the side navigation of the website is encouraged but not required.

Had a great time yesterday at the ADK EXPO sharing orienteering with the folks who came by. We had 30 people go out on the intro course and handed out a 100 copies of our schedule. Hope to see some new faces at the next start! Thank you to all of the ROC Volunteers who helped...Don Winslow, Sandra Lomker, Stephanie Reh, Rukshana Cofer and daughter, Vince Cassano, Sean Sims, Carol Moran, Richard and Nancy Burgey, Marsha Reed, Pam Follett, and Carl Palmer.


Results from the Rotary Sunshine Campus event are now available on the results page.


Preliminary course information for Sunday's event at Rotary Sunshine Campus --

- white 1.5km, 10 controls
- yellow 2.6km, 12 controls
- orange 4.0km, 13 controls
- brown 3.9km, 9 controls
- green 5.1km, 11 controls
- red 6.5km, 16 controls
Climb is minimal.

Other notes --
- Registration and starts 12-2. Save a dollar and pre-register online - there's no commitment, so use online registration even if you only think you might come.
- There were very few bugs in the chilly rain last Sunday, but I expect they will be out in force with better weather. Be prepared.
- There is poison ivy. I didn't notice any dense patches, but keep an eye out and take precautions if you are sensitive.


Results from the RMA 2015 event are now available on the results page.


Event Details for RMA 2015 added to event page. Online registration closes May 27.


Results from the Powder Mills Park event are now available on the results page.


Next event at Powder Mills Park - Sunday May 17 at East Area Shelter.
Start from 12 noon to 2:00 pm

At 11am there will be a workshop with the focus on pacing and compass skills. This workshop is appropriate for those currently doing Yellow to Orange level courses. Anyone wishing to improve their compass skills is welcome to attend.

White – 1.1 km , 15m
Yellow – 2.7 km, 70m
Orange – 3.2 km, 105m
Brown – 3.2, 95m
Green – 4.1 km, 215m
Red – 5.0 km, 200m

Course Notes
Things seemed pretty dry. I did not try to cross any bogs but it was evident we are not dealing with high water levels. Black Xs should be regarded as possible hazards such as dumps of glass or barbed wire fencing. Please be careful.


Registration for the Rochester Map Adventure 2015 is now open.


Results from the Genesee Valley Park event are now available on the results page.


There will be an orienteering event this Sunday, April 26 starting at the Roundhouse shelter in Genesee Valley Park.

A white course and 2 sprint courses will be offered by course setter Mike Lyons. The white course is beginner level. The sprint courses are short in length and mostly in open terrain, to challenge competitive runners to move and make decisions quickly. But they can still be challenging to those not up to sprinting! Starts are from 12 to 2 PM. Please use the Online Registration link on the side for the event or register at the event.

We will be offering two Sprint courses and a White course on Sunday – all are variations on the courses that were used for the US Nationals last fall. The Red Sprint is 2.8k and 19 controls, the Orange Sprint is 2.1k and 15 controls and the White course is 1.9k and 13 controls. All of the courses cross one or more park roads; despite the low posted speed limit and likely light traffic, participants should exercise caution when crossing.


Results from the Black Creek Park event are now available on the results page.

NOTE; WE HAVE A COURSE SETTER BUT NO MEET DIRECTOR or any other positions filled for Genesee Valley Sprints & White course Sunday, April 26, starts from 12-2. Please let me know if you are available and are willing to volunteer. Thanks again, Sandra slomker at


Newsletter and pdf 2015 Schedule added.


The first meet of the spring will be Saturday, April 18 at Black Creek Park, Pathfinder Shelter. Pathfinder is accessed from the main park entrance on Union Street (Rt. 259), about 0.9 miles south of I-490.

The format will be a Score-O course with a mass start at 11:00 a.m., with a 90-minute time limit. There will also be White and Yellow courses available; people choosing the White or Yellow courses can start any time between 11:00 and noon, with courses closing at 1:00 p.m.


ROC will be running an orienteering clinic for beginners at Fleet Feet near Cobbs Hill Park on March 21, 9am to 1pm. The clinic is free and you can let us know if you are coming by using our Online Registration from for our events. You can fill in anything for fields that don't apply.


Results from the Webster Park Ski-O event are now available on the results page.


Next meet on Sunday, February 15 RESCHEDULED Sunday, February 22 – Ski-O/Snowshoe-O/Posthole-O
Webster Park, Holt Lodge. Start times from 12 Noon to 2 PM.

Registration opens at 11:30AM. Available courses will be White (3km), Orange (5.5 km), Green (7 km), and Red (9 km). Course Notes
Courses close at 3:30PM.

Use Online Registration link on sidebar of website.


Results from the Mendon Ponds Park Ski-O event are now available on the results page.


Mendon Ponds Winterfest Ski-O on January 18 at Hopkins Point Lodge. Registration open at 11:00am. Start from 11:30am to 2:00pm and courses close at 3:30pm. Beginner course is free for Winterfest.


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