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Lost and Found!

We have a ladies jacket left behind at Alasa Farms. 

Alasa Farms is a great new site that we used last year for the first time. The address for Alasa Farms is 6450 Shaker Rd, Alton, NY 14413.

The woods are beautiful this time of year and Alasa Farms has a lot of open and runnable forest! Swampy areas are slightly firmer compared to last year after a relatively dry summer. Beginner courses will take you into the woods right away and provide interesting and scenic areas. Expect some short, steep climbs on advanced courses as you navigate channels carved by streams and tributaries. Subtle erosion features provide some technical challenge, while open woods will make for some fast paced legs. Before or after your run, check out the farm animal sanctuary or take a short walk to the waterfall.

Registration and starts 12 noon-2pm

Course Controls Length Climb

Red 18 6.1 km 200 m

Green 14 5.1 km 175 m

Brown 11 3.5 km 95 m

Orange 12 3.7 km 100 m

Yellow 10 2.3 km 65 m

White 8 1.5 km 30 m

SIAC users AIR+ mode will be active.

Check out our volunteer job page to signup to help before, during or after the event!

Congrats to ROC members competing at the NAOC (North American Orienteering Championships) and COC (Candian Orienteering Championships) at Whitehorse Canada in the Yukon!

results available at NAOC 2018 results

Beginner Clinic Success (register for a meet)

A word of welcome to all the new orienteers who attended our beginner’s clinic. If this is your first time on our website and you’d like to register for our meet at Mendon Ponds on Sunday please click on the gray box to the left. That will take you to our online registration. But first, if you’ll take a moment to log in and create a profile, the site will remember your information from meet to meet.  You can, but are not required to pay when you register. We take only cash and checks at our meets.

Not sure if you’re attending? Go ahead and register anyway. There’s no penalty for not showing up. And if you’re confused by any of the questions (what’s an SI Card?) just leave them blank for now. You will have to choose a course, but you won’t be locked in to that choice. There will be volunteers on hand to answer questions and help you get started when you arrive.

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  • A special Control for the Bday girl!!!!

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