Rochester Orienteering Club

See you in the woods!

Rochester Map Adventure - Sunday, June 4, 2023
Abundance Co-Op, 571 South Avenue, Rochester, NY


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Analysis of answers -- available after the meet

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Bring your friends, bring your family, and explore Rochester for an afternoon on foot or on bike. Use a detailed map to search for clues revealing the city’s hidden treasures.

Compete or just come to learn in this fun introduction to the sport of orienteering.

Event Information

This is an orienteering event in an urban setting. The start and finish are at Abundance Food Co-op, 571 South Avenue Rochester, NY 14620  The area covered includes Highland Park, Cobbs Hill Park, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Corn Hill, downtown, the Neighborhood of the Arts, Park Avenue, and other city neighborhoods.

Detailed event information: Two time categories: Two hour and four hour time limits. Two divisions within each time limit, one for people traveling on foot, the other for bikers. There will be a 30-minute period to study maps and plan strategy before the start. Mass start at 11 am.  Each team member, individuals and adult members of family groups will receive map packets with maps, instructions, pencils and answer sheets. All control points will be based on questions to be answered at each control circle, with no actual flags or markers. Most points visited in the shortest amount of time wins. 

Register on-line

Entry fees:

Pre-registration (online) (until June 1)

  • Individuals: $10
  • Teams of 2-4 people: $20

Day of meet

  • Individuals: $15
  • Teams of 2-4 people: $25


(Above) From a few years ago: Question: When was our sister city in Italy founded? 

(Below) What are the two years on the cornerstone of the church?

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