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    • 06 Jun 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 31 Aug 2020
    • (EDT)
    • Rochester, NY

    A navigation-based scavenger hunt in the city of Rochester to be completed on foot or bike. The object is to visit, in any order, as many as possible of the spots (checkpoints) indicated by red circles on the map provided, and verify that you were there by answering a question whose answer is found at the spot.

    Dates:  Any time between June 6 - August 31, 2020

    Event Details and course notes page


    RMA 2020 West.pdf

    RMA 2020 East.pdf

    Questions page:

    RMA 2020 questions final.pdf

    • 20 Jun 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 13 Jul 2020
    • (EDT)
    • Westpoint Marina, E. Manitou Rd

    The Snapping Turtles are out in force, the White Swans are patrolling the channels and the big Carp are spawning in the weeds so it must be time for another Canoe/Kayak O.

    The start and finish are near Westpoint Marina off East Manitou Road. As you drive in you will see the parking loop on the left, Public Fishing Access. You can park there and launch your boat for free.   There are public restrooms located in the Marina on the right side past the buildings. This is the start/finish triangle. The task is to visit all of the 20 points in ANY order. The points are marked by orange streamers with a plastic number card attached. They are very visible if you are in the correct spot. No touch requirement but you need to be in the circle if you want to post a serious time.

    The water is high enough this year to allow easy passage through most of the channels. Sometimes you may have to negotiate some small openings by pulling on the cattails on either side of your boat. There is a good batch of cattails this year that are getting taller each day. In a couple of spots the beavers (muskrats???) have been at work but should not hamper your journey. The weeds are part of the experience.

    The bay is now sheltered from the lake waves on the north side by a breakwater rock berm with only a couple of stretches of open water in case the wind is blowing off the lake. There is more motorboat traffic on the weekends. We ask that you carry or wear flotation devices for your safety. No petting the snapping turtles or teasing the swans as both can be very nasty!

    As is the tradition, we appreciate you improving the environment by collecting any trash you find floating in the water or on the banks. Please, no dead Carp. Leave them for the Seagulls. Pictures of your trash appreciated.  There are no public dumpsters so please take your trash with you.

    The map is pretty accurate and mapped at 1:10,000 scale. No need for contour lines. There are no control descriptions but everything is visible without getting out of your boat. A sealed map bag is recommended. Remember that the mud is part of the fun.

    Enjoy and send us your comments at wornerkohn@gmail.com Complaints not accepted. :)

    Downloading the map serves as agreement to a waiver in which you fully accept all risks and responsibilities for losses, costs and damages you incur as a result of your participation in this event, and that you release the Rochester Orienteering Club, New York State and OUSA from any liability. A copy of the waiver is posted here.

    Click to download a PDF of the map.

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